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Our Studio

Located in the heart of Kansas City, Outpost’s operations are based out of the Crossroads Arts District and just blocks away from historic 18th and Vine.

Housed in a beautifully restored turn-of-the-century barrel roof building, explore our full service production studio seated within the vibrant Crossroads Arts District. Both spacious and comfortable, you’ll find offices, a conference room, full audio and video production suites, shooting space, grip, lighting and production equipment storage, parking for our mobile production truck as well as lounge areas to refresh your creative pallet.

Ready to relax? Outpost is just a short walk from craft breweries, restaurants, galleries, shopping and entertainment.

Unleash your creativity in one of three video suites. Find advanced editing capabilities, seamless workflow integration, broadcast monitoring and color grading tools to bring your vision to life.

Does your project need multi camera, live switched content streamed to the world? How about IMAG services for your live event? Book our fully equipped, 24’ climate controlled television production truck.

Cameras, audio, lighting, grip, electric, drone, crane, gimbal and more!  Execute projects of all types & sizes without ever leaving our studio. We have what you need when you’re ready to capture the action. 

The audio suite features a ProTools digital audio workstation, sound treated recording booth & mixing room, a generous selection of microphones and a robust suite of software plugins to bring your project to life.

Edit Suites

Inside the Edit Suites at Outpost, you’ll find a wealth of advanced editing capabilities empowering you with complete control over your footage, translating your creative vision into reality. Our suites seamlessly integrate various post-production processes, ensuring fluid workflows and enhanced collaboration within our team for your projects. Experience the art of color grading and visual enhancements with our specialized software, enabling you to achieve the perfect look and feel for your content. Our robust multi-terabyte Facilis HUB Shared Storage System, allows our team seamless collaboration, enabling multiple members to work on different parts of the same project simultaneously. At Outpost, our Edit Suites offer the tools and features you need to craft exceptional content with precision and finesse.

Editing Software
  • AVID Media Composer
  • Full Adobe CC Suite including:
    • Premiere Pro
    • After Effects
    • Media Encoder
  • DaVinci Resolve
Workflow Integration
  • Collaborative Editing: Our setup allows multiple team members to work on the same project simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and collaboration.
  • Shared Storage System: Allowing seamless access to a centralized storage system ensures everyone has quick access to project assets.
  • Media Cataloging and Backup: We catalog and back up all media onto LTO, ensuring it's readily accessible and securely stored for long-term use. 
Client Collaboration
  • Join us at our studio for an immersive editing session. Sit alongside our skilled editors and experience the creative process in action.

  • See your project evolve on high-resolution broadcast monitors. This live editing experience allows for instant feedback and adjustments.

  • Collaborate directly with our team, providing insights and preferences as your project takes shape before your eyes.

Production Gear

Outpost boasts an impressive investment of high-end production equipment enabling us to handle projects of any scale. From small setups to expansive multi-day productions, our wide array of cameras, grip and lighting, and audio gear ensures the right tools for the job. We can also customize the equipment base for any production challenge.

  • Panasonic Varicam LT
  • Panasonic P2 AG-HPX370
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K
  • DJI Osmo
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone
  • 8 track discrete recording on a Zoom F8n
  • Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Microphone
  • Lectrosonics Lavalier Transmitters and Receivers
  • Countryman B6 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone
  • Countryman E6 Earset Microphone
  • LED Light Panel Kit
  • HMI
  • Tungsten
  • Kino Flo
  • Kino Diva
Support Gear
  • Teleprompter
  • Dana Dolly
  • Freefly Movi Gimbal
  • 20' Jib
  • 10' Mini Jib

Mobile Truck

Our high-definition multicam production truck is now fully equipped for live streaming, meeting the evolving needs of our clients. With comprehensive video and audio support, a media presentation package, and multitrack audio mixing and recording capabilities, our compact truck is ready to roll. Whether you require IMAG for live events, isolated video and audio feeds for post-production finishing, or direct streaming of your event to audiences worldwide, our versatile truck is ready to deliver exceptional results for all your production needs.

Director/TD Station
  • Capable of operation in climate-controlled truck or setting up out on location.
  • Panasonic HS-450 HD Switcher
  • 4 Channel Communications w/ Wireless
  • 6 AJA Kipro Rack HD Recorders
  • Blackmagic 40x40 HD Router
  • Propresenter 5
  • Tektronic WFM700 HD Scope
  • Shaders
  • Experienced team ensures seamless operations.
  • Seamlessly stream your event to a worldwide audience.
  • Ability to link multiple locations seamlessly.
  • Facilitate communication on a worldwide scale.
  • 6 Panasonic AK-HC 3800 Camera Systems
  • Matched Fujinon HD Lens Package
Production Support
  • Graphics support with Adobe CC capabilities.
  • Multitrack routing and recording with synchronized truck setup.
  • Teleprompter services for polished presentations.
  • Behringer X32 Audio Console
  • Midas MR18 Audio Console
  • Avid ProTools DAW
Producer/Client Seating & Viewing
  • Producion Management & Crewing
  • 24' Mitsubishi Fuso Box -Climate Controlled
  • Broadcast Monitor Wall and Multi Viewer

Audio Department

Welcome to Outpost’s Audio Department, where every piece of hardware plays a pivotal role in crafting exceptional sound experiences. Our cutting-edge mixers and interfaces provide the foundation for precise control over audio elements, while our high-quality microphones capture every nuance with clarity and precision. Our advanced preamps ensure optimal signal processing, delivering clean and powerful audio signals. Additionally, we harness the power of modern software, including AI-powered tools for sound isolation, enhancing the overall audio quality. From recording to post-production, our integrated approach to audio ensures that every detail is expertly crafted, creating immersive soundscapes that resonate with your audience. At Outpost, we are dedicated to delivering sound excellence, taking your projects to new heights.

Studio Microphones

Shure KSM32

  • Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone
  • Known for its natural sound reproduction and extended frequency response, making it ideal for studio vocals and instruments.

Rode NT2

  • Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser
  • Versatile microphone with selectable pickup patterns, suitable for a wide range of recording applications.
Stage Microphones

Sennheiser E945

  • Dynamic Stage Mic
  • Professional-grade handheld microphone with a supercardioid pickup pattern, designed for stage performances.

Shure SM58

  • Dynamic Handheld Microphone
  • Legendary handheld microphone known for its durability and clear vocal reproduction, widely used in live performances.

Sennheiser E902

  • Dynamic Drum Microphone
  • Specifically designed for kick drums, this microphone provides powerful low-frequency response for both stage and studio use.

Sennheiser E906

  • Dynamic Instrument Microphone
  • Guitar amplifier microphone with a supercardioid pickup pattern, designed for high sound pressure levels.

Shure SM81

  • Small Diaphragm Condenser
  • Precision-engineered condenser microphone ideal for studio recording of acoustic instruments and overheads.
Location Microphones

Sennheiser MKH416

  • Shotgun Condenser
  • Highly directional microphone, perfect for capturing focused sound on location

Countryman B6

  • Lavalier Microphone
  • Short proximity omnidirectional microphone, ideal for discreetly capturing high-quality audio in various applications.
Studio Hardware
  • Focustire Red 7 Microphone Preamp
  • Focusrite Clarett+ 8Pre Audio Interface
  • Gentner People Link Telephone Interface
  • Tannoy Active System 600 Stereo Studio Monitors
  • JBL LSR4300 5.1 Surround Sound Studio Monitors
Studio Software
  • Pro Tools: Industry-standard digital audio workstation (DAW) software used for recording, editing, and mixing music and sound for film/TV.

  • iZotope Ozone: Widely used for audio mastering, iZotope Ozone is known for its comprehensive suite of mastering tools, including EQ, dynamic processors, and various audio effects.

  • iZotope RX: A specialized tool for audio restoration, iZotope RX uses AI to clean up and repair audio recordings, removing unwanted noise, clicks, and other imperfections.

  • iZotope Nectar+Neutron: These mixing plugins provides a range of powerful tools for balancing and enhancing audio elements within a mix, including EQ, compression, and more.

  • Halion Sonic: A versatile software instrument library known for its high-quality sampled sounds, often used for creating realistic foley and other musical elements.

  • Universal Production Music Library: A comprehensive library of high-quality production music tracks covering a wide range of genres and moods, available to you through our comprehensive license.

Event Audio Support
  • Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console
  • Midas MR18 Digital Rack Mixing Console
  • Capable of Providing Audio Monitoring and Support for Small to Mid-Sized Crowds:
    • EV SXA250
    • Mackie SRM450
    • Mackie HD1531