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With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, Outpost Worldwide is your go-to destination for audio production services in the Kansas City area. Our team of skilled sound engineers possesses the expertise and cutting-edge tools necessary to enhance your content. We meticulously refine every aspect, from seamless sound effects to finely-tuned voiceovers, ensuring that your audio resonates with clarity and impact.

World Class Audio Services:

Elevating Your Sound for Every Project

We love to capture the essence of the moment with high fidelity location sound acquisition. Outpost Worldwide will provide the right team and tools to address any potential audio challenges while out on location anywhere in the world.

We capture pristine audio in our recording studio with clarity and precision, whether it’s for video projects, podcasts or music production.

If we can’t capture the sound, we can recreate it with foley. It is an art and science to craft realistic sound effects that enhance the visual narrative. Our goal is a realistic and immersive audio experience for all our story content.

Our audio engineers are well-versed in creative sound design and auditory enhancement. Nearly every video project goes through the essential step of mixing and mastering. Quality sound is imperative to delivering a high quality video for any media platform.

Audio Portfolio

Studio Recording
Captivate Audiences with Impeccable Sound Quality

At Outpost Worldwide, we offer a versatile recording experience that caters to a wide range of audio projects. Our professional voiceover booth is specifically designed for radio, podcasts, and audiobook recordings, ensuring exceptional vocal clarity and presence. Through the use of Source Connect, we have the capability to connect with voice talent from around the world, providing access to a diverse range of voices for your project. Our skilled team of engineers and producers are committed to delivering top-notch recordings for your project.

Foley Art Sound Enhances Visual Storytelling

Bringing your videos to life requires attention to the smallest sonic details. Our skilled foley artists meticulously create custom sound effects and environmental ambiances, adding authenticity and depth to your audio. Professional sound design will add realism and elevate your video.

Location Audio Preserve Authenticity, Capture Quality Sound

We understand the critical importance of recording high-quality location audio. Our experienced team of location audio specialists excel in capturing pristine sound in any environment, where every moment counts. With the use of high quality recording equipment, we are committed to delivering crystal-clear audio that preserves the authenticity of your surroundings.


Capture the Essence of Your Music with
Professional Recording

At Outpost Worldwide, we offer a versatile range of recording services to suit your musical needs. Our professional studio boasts a dedicated voiceover booth, providing an optimal environment for capturing clear and expressive vocal performances. Whether you’re a solo artist or need to record vocal lines for a project, our booth ensures pristine sound quality. Moreover, distance is no obstacle to capturing your band’s energy and dynamics; with our state-of-the-art equipment and expert engineers, we can seamlessly set up multitrack recording for bands worldwide. Embrace a world of creativity and showcase the essence of your music with exceptional recordings at Outpost Worldwide.

Elevate Your Music:
Mixing Services

At Outpost Worldwide, we offer professional mixing services that bring out the best in your music. Whether you’ve recorded your tracks with us from start to finish or have a pre-existing recording that needs a fresh perspective, our expert team is here to refine and enhance your sound. With a meticulous attention to detail, we carefully balance the elements of your music, ensuring clarity, depth, and sonic cohesion. Trust us to bring your musical vision to life and create a captivating sonic blend that resonates with listeners.

Unlock Your Sounds Full Potential with Mastering.

At Outpost Worldwide, we offer professional mastering services that bring out the best in your audio mixes. Whether you recorded your tracks in our studio or yourself at home, our expert team is here to help your sound reach its full potential. With a keen ear for detail and deep understanding of audio dynamics, we apply the necessary techniques to enhance the clarity, balance, and overall quality of your music. Trust us to provide the final touch that brings your mixes to life and ensures they sound exceptional across various platforms and playback systems.

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