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Multi-Cam for Festivals
Special Events & Global Meetings

Outpost Worldwide provides technical direction and broadcast quality video services for Image Magnification (IMAG), multi-camera live switching, and live event video streaming. We have years of experience serving large scale music festivals throughout the heartland. We use our broadcast quality HD multi-cam expertise to deliver high-end live corporate meeting support to multiple locations. We have been producing live event video in Kansas City for over 20 years and rolling

Captivating Moments:
Live Events Brought to Life

Outpost Worldwide provides seamless event streaming solutions, delivering effective live experiences connecting audiences worldwide.

Outpost Worldwide’s versatile broadcast truck, brings multi-cam and switching capabilities to any location to help make your event a success.

Outpost Worldwide provides reliable, high quality IMAG (Image Magnification) for many festivals throughout the heartland ensuring everyone has a good view of the performance.

Outpost Worldwide can provide high quality technical audio support for small to mid-sized events. Our goal is to help make the event sound as good as it looks.

Event Portfolio

Event Streaming Reach Global Audiences Economically
and Instantly

Outpost Worldwide enables you to reach a global audience through a combination of broadcast quality live-video services and solid streaming platforms. Our team utilizes the proper technology to ensure smooth and high-quality streaming, making your event accessible to viewers worldwide. Whether it’s a music show, corporate event, or global meeting, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional live streaming services that connect you with your target audience in real-time.

Image Magnification (IMAG) Enhance Event Visuals

At Outpost Worldwide, we specialize in IMAG services that gives every participant a front row seat. Our skilled team of professionals excel in multi-camera video production and live switching, ensuring that every angle of the action is captured. With our expertise in IMAG, we ensure that every attendee feels fully connected and engaged, no matter their location in the venue.

Mobile Truck Multi-Cam Capabilities on the Move

The Outpost Worldwide HD mobile truck with 5 broadcast cameras delivers exceptional production quality. With a small footprint, our 26-foot mobile truck can operate in most locations, ready to capture and share broadcast quality images. Uses include music festivals, fundraising galas and on-location corporate events. Equipped with broadcast hardware operated by experienced directors, the truck can operate in almost any setting, providing multi-cam switching services that keep your audience engaged.

Audio Support Amplify Your Event

Outpost Worldwide can provide audio support for small to mid-sized events. Our experienced audio technicians combined with quality equipment, ensure high fidelity sound support. Our goal is to make your event experience sound great for all attendees. Rest assured that your event’s audio production needs are in reliable hands with Outpost Worldwide. connected and engaged, no matter their location in the venue.

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