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Over the years Outpost Worldwide producers have helped deliver thousands of episodes of television content for industry giants like Fremantle Media, PBS, Roku, Nexstar, Univision and Telemundo. This includes more than a 1100 episodes of Spanish-language Family Fued for Fremantle Media produced in Miami and Los Angeles.

Documentaries. PBS Series.
Even some Movies.

Closer to home in Kansas City, we are actively producing non-fiction program content for public television stations across the country.  Our portfolio includes 5 seasons of an educational product invention competition series called MAKE48. Outpost provided turnkey services for the series that aired on more than 250 stations for 5 years. You can view all episodes at MAKE48.COM or PBS.ORG.

Entertainment Portfolio

Television SeriesThe World is our Stage.

Currently, Outpost Worldwide has created and delivered an educational series focused on short stories about sustainability and earth-friendly innovations called MY WORLD TOO. The series celebrates the efforts and innovations of entrepreneurs, non-profits and innovators who are focused on social, economic or environmental sustainability. The series is in its third season of production. Outpost is actively pursuing like-minded corporate underwriters to help support the positive storytelling of MY WORLD TOO. You can check out all episodes at PBS.ORG or MYWORLDTOO.COM.

Documentaries Compelling Real Life Stories.

In addition, Outpost Worldwide has produced various long-form educational documentaries on topics including World War Two, the entrepreneurial life story of Henry Bloch the co-founder of H&R Block, the making of the Grammy music awards, the life of Mary after Jesus, and more. All our documentary projects share a common thread of providing educational, engaging content appropriate for all ages. 

Films & Specials Content Production is a Team Sport.

Many of our films have been distributed on Public TV by American Public Television in Boston as well as Amazon Prime and other platforms. In addition, we produced a Branson Music Christmas Show that received an Emmy nomination and aired on more than 100 Nexstar broadcast stations. 

It is the goal of Outpost Worldwide to use the power of video storytelling to collaborate and invest in purpose-driven content that has a positive impact on viewers, our community and the planet we all call home.

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